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Circular on watch and listen to the Chinese Communist Party was founded 95 Annual General Meeting li

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    The morning of July 1, the CPC Central Committee will be held to celebrate the 95 anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party conference in Beijing, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important speech, in recognition of the outstanding party members, outstanding party workers, advanced grassroots party organizations. By then, the Central People's Radio, China Central Television, China Radio International, as well as People's Daily, Xinhua and other central media will be broadcast live.
Please units carefully organize party members and cadres, staff and students to watch and listen to the live broadcast of the General Assembly. After the meeting, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the units to "July" important speech as "two to learn to do a" learning an important part of education, organizational learning seriously discuss, and learn to discuss the case on or before July 4th Party Propaganda Department submitted to the school .
Contact: Li Mingfeng, email: xcbu@scu.edu.cn.
                          CPC Committee of Sichuan University
                           June 30, 2016

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