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Sichuan University in 2016, "Practice and International Course Week" grand opening

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 The evening of July 3, 2016, Sichuan University, "International Course and Practice Week" Jiang An Campus Stadium grand opening. Including 142 internationally renowned universities and research institutions United States, Britain, France and other 30 countries and regions of 165 experts and more than 500 foreign students from 24 countries and 40 universities and Sichuan University teachers and students witnessed this colorful cheer. Sichuan University president Xie Heping Academy of Sciences, Professor Li Guangxian Executive Vice President, Vice-Chancellor Professor macro step, deputy party secretary Li Xiangcheng school professor, Vice President Yan World Economics Professor, Vice-Chancellor Professor Li Xufeng, school-related units attended the opening ceremony.

President Xie Peace Fellow at the opening ceremony on behalf of the cause of Sichuan University English greeting. He behalf of teachers and students to participate from afar 2016 "Practice and International Course Week" foreign teachers and students a warm welcome. Xie Heping president said that 2016 was the fifth anniversary of the Sichuan University "Practice and International Course Week" activities, but also the 120th anniversary of the founding of Sichuan University. So far, Sichuan University has established more than 100 student exchange programs with more than 150 global well-known educational institutions. Each year, the school has more than a thousand students and teachers to take the country, to overseas. At the same time, more and more overseas students and scholars came to Sichuan University studying, teaching, exploring and sharing knowledge. Xie Heping president pointed out that "building a world-class university" is the strategic direction of Sichuan University's long-standing focus on strengthening first-class and first-class professional discipline, cultivating an international vision of high-end talent. "Practice and International Course Week" Sichuan University is an important international development education practice, is an important platform for teachers and students to get an international perspective, participate in scientific research and innovation. Xie Heping president finally said with deep feeling, today, we are very pleased with the 165 foreign teachers and more than 500 foreign students from 30 countries and regions gathered together to explore, share, learn from each other, to witness this exciting sharing intelligence, exchange of innovative, friendship forever historical moment. I would like to spend a happy and successful time at Sichuan University!

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