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Scientific research achievement
State Intellectual Property Training Base seminar held in Chengdu
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 May 25 to 28, sponsored by the State Intellectual Property Office, Intellectual Property Office of Sichuan Province, Sichuan University and the State Intellectual Property Training (Sichuan) base co-host of the "National Seminar on Intellectual Property Training Base" held in Chengdu. Officials and from all 24 national IP training base in 19 provinces, municipalities IP Offices relevant management staff of more than 120 people have Qiju Cheng, attend seminars. Deputy director of the State Intellectual Property Office Gan Shaoning, Sichuan Provincial People's Government Deputy Secretary-General Luo Zhiping, director of the China Intellectual Property Training Center horses, Sichuan Provincial Intellectual Property Office Suppliers Xie Hua Yan, Sichuan University and vice president attended the opening ceremony of World Economics, the State Intellectual Property Office of Personnel Division Director and Deputy Director Wang Lantao Xue Dan presided over the seminar.

   On start-up ceremony, deputy director Gan Shaoning fully affirmed the "1025" remarkable success of national IP training base during the work, pointing out that the work of both the national IP training base personnel training system reform and improve the mechanisms of intellectual property, to meet the multi-level, diversified IP training needs of the community, an important measure is to promote the development of intellectual property, the construction of an important guarantee of intellectual property power, he stressed, "thirteen five" period to fully rely on the training and use of resources and personnel of the whole society, national cohesion intellectual property system power and further improve training base job.
   SIPO also announced in 2015 the State Intellectual Property Training Base summarize the results of the assessment, the State Intellectual Property Training (Sichuan) base passed the State Intellectual Property Office "triennial" assessment, summed up the year 2015 and received "excellent."
The three-day seminar summarizes the main training base for the exchange of national IP work experience, training base for the State Intellectual Property Seminar "Thirteen Five" period focus. During the seminar held at the State Intellectual Property Training (Jiangsu) base, the State Intellectual Property Training (Sichuan) base five training base charge of the General Assembly made a statement to introduce the effectiveness of their work and experience gained, participants actively participated in various topics seminars focus on issues jointly training base development.