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Recruit students employment

 I. Overview Institute

Institute (formerly known as the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture) Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration, founded in 1954, is China's first research institute to carry out systematic earthquake engineering and safety engineering. Currently I have a full and complete study of the professional direction of experimental equipment, personnel strong, books, complete with cooperation and exchanges with foreign dozens of research institutes, academic exchanges active atmosphere, at home and abroad won a high academic reputation, was hailed at home and abroad, "China culture earthquake engineering talent base."
Built by more than sixty years, where I study various branches of Earthquake Engineering is a pioneer in our country, carried out the first strong motion, earthquake engineering, seismic, earthquake damage prediction, earthquake simulation test, seismic design specifications, engineering vibration measurement study. And access to more than 20 national and ministerial level scientific and technological progress award more than 200. 2015 by academician Xie Lili team to complete the "building structures based seismic design theory, methods and applications of the state," the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award project.
All engineering mechanics and Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy 4, a researcher at 23, an associate researcher at more than 100 people, part-time doctoral tutor more than 40 people, master tutor more than 60 people. Point civil engineering doctoral disciplines and civil engineering, instrument science and technology, mechanical and other three disciplines authorized a master's degree, under the structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, disaster prevention and reduction engineering and protective engineering, road and bridge engineering, engineering mechanics, solid mechanics, measurement technology and professional equipment, etc. With a civil engineering doctoral research center.